Monday, 23 January 2017

Types of Bed: Tips to Choose

What should be taken into account when buying cheap beds in London? Well, there are countless features that range from the innumerable types of bed, including size, whether it's Box type or traditional, its height, etc. Everyone has their preference for bedroom furniture, but it is important to take into account some factors that will improve your night's sleep.

After a tiring day, there is nothing more important than securing a rest by lying in a comfortable bed. Recovering energies is key, and in light of this, we have decided to help you think about these choices.

•  UK Bed Types and Sizes Available on the Market

One of the main factors that characterise bed models is their size. There are several sizes of beds, however the most traditional are: single, double, queen and king. Below the measurement of each of them:

Single Bed: 90 cm × 190 cm
Double bed: 135 cm × 190 cm
Queen Bed: 180 cm × 200 cm
King Size Bed: 152 cm × 198 cm

If you have a large bedroom, then you could even consider an Emperor Bed, with a size of 215cm x 200cm.

•  Types of bed

You must find the ideal measurement of your cheap bed in London so as not to run the risk of running out of space in the room, impairing mobility.

Beds with drawers, as well as being very useful, are excellent option to optimise space.

In the space economy, there are some types of beds with a pull out drawer in the area between the mattress and the floor. This is something that can be vital when saving space, since it is the ideal place to store your bedding.

•  Mattresses

Of course, after choosing the right bed type for you, the mattress is the most important step.

It is important to check that the mattress model is certified, and that it is to your taste and has required characteristics such as stiffness, presence of springs or not, type of foam, etc.

Some models of UK mattresses last from 2 to 3 years, and can even reach 5 years if they are certified. This type of information should be obtained from the manufacturer or the store, preferably prior to purchase.

When choosing the type of mattress and cheap bed in London, some details may go unnoticed, such as the height of the mattress. Make sure that the height of the mattress fits the sheets that you already own.

 Security is required

Another important item to bear in mind when choosing your bed is safety, especially when the bed is intended for the elderly, the disabled, or even children, be it single, double or king size.

For this reason, make sure the quality of the materials with which the bed is UK manufactured and also look for a model whose layout provides greater safety to whoever uses it, should the need exist.

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